Standard Service Level Agreement.

We work with an Service Level Agreement (an SLA). A standard agreement between Onsweb and your organisation, in which we secure the maintenance of your website or web application. We explain to you what this SLA entails.

Service & Maintenance

As a website or application
is never perfect.

Perhaps it’s unnecessary to mention, but a website or web application is hardly ever finished. It always requires support and maintenance.

Support in practice
Support is, of course, covered by the SLA. The monitoring of your website or web application with regard to security updates of the core software and plug-ins and implementation of these updates are part of the standard SLA.

Service & maintenance by Onsweb

The SLA of your website or web applicaton contains:

>  Service & support

>  Monthly security updates

>  100% bug-free garantee

>  Monthly reporting

>  Professional project software JIRA


More information?
The explanation

What is
an SLA?

SLA is the abbreviation of ?Service Level Agreement?. An SLA is a standard agreement between Onsweb and your organisation, in which the rights and obligations of the parties are set out in addition to the agreements which have been reached. Onsweb’s special Service & Optimisation Team is responsible for guaranteeing compliance with this SLA.


What's the content of
the standard SLA?

An SLA describes the quality of the services which we provide during and after the delivery of a project. We offer every customer of Onsweb a Standard SLA for Website and Application Development. This ensures that you are not met with surprises and that you know that we make the maximum effort to ensure the security of your solutions.

Support and maintenance.

Support is, of course, covered by the SLA. The request for support can be submitted by telephone at +31-(0)10-310 34 10, or through our customer portal, which can be accessed at Our response time, the time that it takes before we respond to your request for support, depends partly on the priority and seriousness of the problem. Depending on this, we will respond by email and/or by telephone. We strive to adhere to the response times stated below, which only apply during normal office hours (between 08:30 and 17:30 hours on working days from Monday to Friday). Reports which are registered as ?outages? will be dealt with outside of office hours.


< 1 hour

  • Outage ? e.g. all users and critical functions are affected. The website, application or service is off-line in its entirety.


< 1 working day

  • Significant outage ? e.g. a large number of users or critical functions are affected. Part of the website, application or service is not accessible.


< 2 working days

  • Limited degradation ? e.g. a limited number of users or critical functions are affected. However, the website, application or service is accessible.


< 3 working days

  • Minor degradation ? e.g. few users or a single user is affected. The website, application or e-service is accessible.

Security updates

Onsweb uses special monitoring software that sends notifications of important security updates relating to the frameworks and plug-ins used. Our SLA provides for the implementation of these updates in order to ensure that the security updates are implemented in a structured manner for as long as the solution is administered by us. Security updates are always given priority over other activities to be carried out and are implemented without permission in order to guarantee the security of the website or application.


How much costs
an SLA?

The fees relating to the SLA are included in the agreement entered into with Onsweb. These fees may change if, for instance, functional enhancements are made which logically have to be maintained. Naturally we will always send you a proposal for approval beforehand. If you also purchase hosting services from us, a separate ?Hosting SLA? applies to this, which is included in the hosting agreement. The Hosting SLA, of course, is also focused on ensuring that you are relieved of all care.


Because conversion can always be increased.

In addition to the standard SLA, we can make an appointment for monthly hours for optimization and minor developments.

Recommended by practice

The hours for optimization and minor developments that do not need to be defined as new project can already be determined during Sprint 0 or 1. For example, we can reserve the first 6 months of hours for small extensions and optimization. Hours can be saved monthly and further aligned in the sprints.

Service & Optimization by Onsweb

For the optimization of your website or web application:

>  Optimization of you web solution

>  Budget tailored to your situation

>  Google Analytics implementation

>  Analyze and increase conversion goals

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